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Our internal project: Aitellu


Aitellu: An AI Storyteller Bringing the Magic of Artificial Intelligence to Life for Language Learning.

Aitellu generates unique and engaging stories tailored to each user's interests and imagination. By simply entering a few details, users can embark on exciting adventures, meet whimsical characters, and explore fantastical worlds, all crafted just for them. Tailtutor makes storytime an enchanting and educational experience. Additionally, Tailtutor offers the unique feature of generating stories in two languages simultaneously, enhancing the joy of bilingual storytelling.
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Aitellu is revolutionizing the world of storytelling with its innovative platform that generates unique and engaging stories tailored to each user's interests and imagination.

We built aitellu in collaboration with Hans Atlason who holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering with a focus on Computer Vision and Machine Learning. With Aitellu he brings together his passion for reading and language learning with his experience of putting AI to practice.

In collaboration with Vikonnekt, Hans aims to make language learning enjoyable and accessible, helping users integrate it into their daily lives effortlessly.

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