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We work with companies of all sizes—from seed-level startups to orgs in scale-up mode—to bring thrilling products to life. Whatever the requirements for your custom software solution, our team has the full-stack knowledge and platform fluency to make it happen.

Software development

At Víkonnekt, our über-talented team of web developers who build fast, responsive, user-friendly sites to meet our client s specifics.who are able to build fast, responsive and user-friendly websites to the specific requirements of our clients.Whether you need support with front- or back-end development, hosting, publishing (or all of the above), we create cost effective custom packages. Throughout the project, we stay in close touch and implement your feedback until we realize your vision.
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Our specialists in software development design and implement your optimal application architecture using best practices for data security, longevity, and scalability. Applying tried-and-true methodologies, we engineer solutions that withstand the test of time through maximal flexibility and minimal complexity.

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Mobile development

Consumers love the convenience of smartphones. Don't you? investing in a mobile app has become a part of many companies’ digital strategy. We know that mobile app can be an extremely powerful business tool and we have an experienced team of mobile app developers that can bring our clients' ideas to life.

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Web development

For the vast majority of companies, a fast, beautifully designed, and effective website is essential to achieving their business goals. It’s also a key touchpoint for attracting loyal, long-term customers, and the first place they’ll interact with your brand. Your website showcases who you are, as well as your company’s excellence, and it shows potential clients what it’s like to do business with you.

Customer success stories

Our customer’s successes are our successes. We've helped clients in all industries, from cultural institutions to startups that fill an important niche.

Success cases
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People change—apps need to, too. Our DevOps specialists ensure that the underlying infrastructure and architecture of your software built to be resilient, scalable, and secure. That mitigates risk and makes room for you to grow as your customers grow

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QA testing

Our team of experienced QA Engineers organize testing sessions with your target end users (or existing users!). We don’t prick and prod them

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Data analysis

Data plays a crucial role in improving user experience: It's how we know what's working, why it's working, and how to make it even better for your end users. You bring the data. We bring the data scientist to oversee data mining, processing, cleansing, and ETL pipelines.

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