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We work with companies of all sizes—from seed-level startups to orgs in scale-up mode—to bring thrilling products to life. Whatever the requirements for your custom software solution, our team has the full-stack knowledge and platform fluency to make it happen.


Víkonnekt specializes in finding and hiring high quality talent to work alongside our clients’ in-house technical teams. Víkonnekt has built a network of dedicated developers, designers, data analysts at all levels of seniority that are available for part-time and full-time opportunities.
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Your branding is the first thing your prospects and customers will see—and the one they'll remember most. It's how you show up in your product, on your website, in your content. Creating a memorable brand identity using the right spacing, colors, imagery, typefaces is our specialty. We go hand-in-hand with our clients to determine who they are, how they see themselves, and how they want to be seen. Then, we make it a reality together.

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A part of your brand identity is imagery: Do you use photographs, or do you prefer a more bespoke style? Illustrations are a great way to engage your audience and to support you're excellence in their eyes. Our staff features professionally trained illustrators and digital designers who know how to make your UI, UX, and brand identity play together nicely.

Customer success stories

Our customer’s successes are our successes. We've helped clients in all industries, from cultural institutions to startups that fill an important niche.

Success cases

User research

Research, Strategy, Design: Our strategy and research services include gathering information on behalf of the client to establish business and user requirements, as well as data analysis and planning.

User research: Form follows function. Once you know your user, you can build your product around them. We conduct research on your behalf to better understand your target consumer's behavior, preferences, and needs. We can also assess the feasibility of your product for market entry based on your user. That way, your foundation is solid from the start.

UX strategies

Once we understand your target customer's needs and wants, we make a detailed plan to create the experience you want your users to have at every touchpoint. The result? A product wows and delights them with its ease of use. This is an essential, foundational step before we begin design on your product.

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UI design

Designing your user interface is a big step. Now that you've laid the groundwork with user research and taken a deep dive into the experience you want your users to have, now it's time to thrill them with a pleasing aesthetic experience. This is where we really begin to marry brand attributes, such as typography, animations, buttons, color pallette, to the functionality of your product. With you, our passionate team of UI designers create elegant apps that are a pleasure to interact with—and to look at.

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