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We work with companies of all sizes—from seed-level startups to orgs in scale-up mode—to bring thrilling products to life. Whatever the requirements for your custom software solution, our team has the full-stack knowledge and platform fluency to make it happen.


For startups who do not yet have a technical co-founder, we partner with you through our CTO-as-a-service program. We take on the technical tasks of your second-in-command and help you steer the ship toward success (i.e., your MVP). We also apply our expertise to find talent through our recruitment service to build your in-house team, and to find your forever CTO

Wide-ranging Technical Expertise

We offer a cost-effective and tailored consultation and partnership, called CTO-as-a-Service, to startups to help them bring their ideas to life.

As founders ourselves, we understand the harsh headwinds that startups can face. We're passionate about helping you to navigate the challenges, and successes, of gaining traction in your industry.

Whether you're just starting out or your minimum viable product (MVP) is already up and running, we've got the broad and deep expertise in business development and market research, design, branding, and technology to bring you closer to your goals.

Great partnerships = giant leaps forward.

Our CTO-as-a-Service offering is a true partnership where we walk in step with you in one of three ways:
-The first: Víkonnekt assumes a higher degree of responsibility for for the development of your MVP by providing your team with a CTO from our team of experienced founders.

The CTO will take the helm, guiding you through the choppy waters of, among other things, product development and presentations requiring technical expertise.

-Option two: We put our sleuthing skills and deep understanding of your unique needs to work by building your in-house development team with you. We find and screen candidates and conduct interviews and technical tests, as needed.

Transform business requirements into a tried-and-tested product

Make your spend (and your time) go further with the right expertise

Find the right candidates to staff your startup

Partner with experienced founders to propel your product into market

Are you looking for a brave partner to help you stick the landing? Meet your business goals with Víkonnekt.
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