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CaptINI Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training system for learners of Icelandic as a second and foreign language (L2).

The platform is offering a set of topics and lessons to learn Icelandic and allowing the user to practice and get feedback from a pre-trained AI model.

Based on pre-designed tasks in pronunciation exercises, this system will provide corrective feedback on learners’ speech. One of the main features we are implementing is a new method for automatic pronunciation scoring to provide immediate feedback on learners’ errors.

Client: Árnastofnun, University of Iceland, University of Reykjavík

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A treasured word game—one of very few available in Icelandic—gets a makeover and peace of mind with design, debugging, and managed updates.

Since 2015, Miðeind has offered 'Netskrafl', an web-based word game available in Icelandic. When they made the decision to transition to create a mobile app called Explo, they partnered with Víkonnekt and Stokkur to make it a reality

To ensure a smooth user experience, however, Explo needed to debug the application and manage updates – seamlessly. Learn how Víkonnekt supported their journey to build a mobile app.

Fashion-focused E-commerce mobile application

Fashion-focused E-commerce mobile application that allows users to shop with their friends and families, at better pricing with home delivery.

We worked with the stakeholders on the User Experience, creative side and Interface design. We managed the product as well and helped with the product development.

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